community - nurturing our work, while honouring our play


Why 7 Fraser Avenue?

For the last thirty years, 7 Fraser Avenue has been a haven for a community of creatives sharing live-work spaces in a warehouse building dating back to before World War I.

As a unique historic building located slightly off-the-grid from Toronto’s downtown and Queen West neighbourhoods, and once used for the assembly of munitions, the last three decades inspired countless community events and happenings in this close-knit village, perpetuated by a sense of togetherness.

After rapid gentrification of Liberty Village, Fraser Avenue, and the commercialization of 7 Fraser from live-work to commercial units, Dead End Studio aims to continue fostering that sense of a creative community space.


How? Membership!

  • Creative people need space to work and play in their personal and professional projects. Dead End Studio provides access to 2000 square feet of creative space via 2 Membership Levels, and also a Drop-In option for occasional use.

    The Main Studio (also known as the Photo/Video Studio) can also be Booked by members and non-members for exclusive project and event needs.

Membership Options:

Permanent Desk Membership - $1000/month (HST included)

  • Dedicated space for L-Shaped Computer Desk with ample power and direct Hi-Speed Ethernet cable

  • Priority Access to Photo/Video Studio

  • 24hr Access

This membership is ideal for Photo/Video/Film professionals, and/or individuals requiring a comfortable computing space.

Art Bench Membership - $200/month (HST included)

A space to store your art supplies and works in progress

24hr Access to Art Studio and Shared Access to Main (Photo/Video) Studio

Exclusive Access to Main Studio at reduced rates

This membership level is ideal for personal and professional artists wanting frequent access to abundant light and space, with room to store their tools and current works in progress.

Drop-In – Occasional Use - $25/day (HST included)

Day use with access to Wi-Fi between 9am and 6pm

Great for weekend-warrior artists, or for just trying out the space. Up to 3x drop-in fees can be put to an Art Bench Membership upgrade in any given calendar month


Past events at 7 Fraser

With a history of artists for over 30 years in the building, Events and Happenings were ongoing. The address is also remembered in earlier years for small raves and illegal after-hours affairs, although that era is long past.

The most recent years were instead a fruitful time for every type of art party imaginable with painters, musicians, lighting designers, cultural personalities, filmmakers and art theorists populating the spaces.


Some memorable events include:

The Mini-Golf Tournaments, where every studio in the building constructed a mini-putt hole as part of the 18 holes. Foursomes travelled from studio to studio, with trophies and champagne presented at the end of the tourney to the score leaders.

Cardboard City – A daytime event welcoming kids and the community to construct and paint large cardboard creations all over the property, only to be illuminated and admired in the evening hours.

The Group at 7 Concerts – Using the building’s loading bay as a stage, and professionally rigged with rock-and-roll lighting, sound, smoke and effects, 10+ residents of the building put on full evening performances for family and friends of the building.

The Armoury Concert Series – Held previously in our current Main Studio, The Armoury Concerts featured a highly curated list of musicians and performers, served with food and drink, and left visitors with only the most positive memories of the building.



Historic significance. 

Although the neighbourhood is changing and growing rapidly, many buildings still have charm and remain a reminder of the past. Below is a selection of images from the Toronto Archives that echo this history.